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The founders of Surrogacy International, Inc., have been helping people realize the miracle of parenthood for over 30 years. We got our start by recognizing a need in the surrogacy community. We saw doctor’s offices that had affordable prices, but long waiting lists making it difficult for families to feel like they were making any progress toward their goal. We also saw large agencies with less waiting, but huge fees making the idea of using a surrogate seem unattainable.

We saw an opportunity. We wanted to provide personalized care for both surrogates and intended parents. We wanted surrogacy to be an option for families who wanted to be able to move forward toward being able to bring home a miracle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every client with the personal support and legal assurances to begin building families with certainty and confidence.

A Leader In The Community

Surrogacy International, Inc., is an active member of the surrogacy community. In the beginning, many parts of the law were unclear on how to handle disagreements over surrogacy contracts. Attorney and co-founder, Robert R. Walmsley, has been a prominent figure in helping the California courts shape surrogacy law so that intended parents and surrogates can be confident in the agreements they make.

Compassionate Care For Every Client

Part of the reason Surrogacy International, Inc., can provide compassionate care is because we have had firsthand experience with some of the frustrations that can come with the journey to becoming a parent. We value supporting our clients through the surrogacy process.

In addition to our founders, Robert and Marlea, Maile Maly is an essential member of our care team. She is our director and nurse care manager and forms a personal relationship with every intended parent-surrogate team. Maile ensures you have answers when you need them and ongoing support so that surrogates receive quality care.

Talk To Our Team

Our experienced staff is ready to help you learn more about the services we offer for intended parents and surrogates. Contact us online or call us at 805-697-7955. Our offices are in California, but we accept clients worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Our co-founders, Robert R. Walmsley and Marlea F. Jarrette, are a husband-and-wife team dedicated to being a resource in the surrogacy community. To learn more about us, meet our team.

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