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Why California Is A Great Place For Surrogacy

California is a great state for surrogacy

With a lot of time, money and emotions involved, a surrogacy arrangement can get complicated. There are still many questions that the law has not had to answer on handling surrogacy relationships, so it is important that agreements are clear and reviewed carefully by qualified attorneys.

California is a great state to establish a surrogacy agreement (even if you are not from California). While some states do not have many clear cases on what to do in a particular situation, California has had several important cases to guide judges on how to rule if there is a conflict.

The Godfather Of California Surrogacy Law

We lovingly call attorney and founder Robert Walmsley the godfather of surrogacy. He was part of two very influential court cases that have helped establish surrogacy law in California. These decisions have helped shape surrogacy law and help us protect the interests of both intended parents and surrogates.

• Marriage of Buzzanca. In this case, the court ruled that when the intended father decided to divorce the intended mother, they would both still be treated the same way as natural parents when it came to determining who would support the child.

• Johnson v. Calvert. After a conflict between the intended parents and the surrogate, the surrogate attempted to claim the child as her own. The court found that the child had no genetic relation to the surrogate and was, in fact, the child of the people who intended to procreate.

National Surrogacy Law

While surrogacy is not immune to the effects of legal conflict, many aspects of surrogacy have simply not come up. There is still a lot that is unclear in the law when it comes to surrogacy, and most cases are decided on a state level. This is why certain states have an advantage over others since more case law has helped guide future court decisions.

On a broader level, many states rely on the Uniform Parentage Act. While this act attempts to cover a lot of potential issues, it does not have the detail that comes with some surrogacy situations. Recently the surrogacy sections were updated to include the following:

Uniform Parentage Act. In 2017, one of the parts of this legislation that was updated was the section that addresses surrogacy. In an earlier version of this document, there were extra court appearances and requirements that had to be completed to have a valid surrogacy agreement. In this version, the legislation makes the process less complicated for surrogates and intended parents to pursue a binding agreement through surrogacy.

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