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Reasons To Consider Being A Surrogate

Money Isn’t Everything, But It Helps

Agreeing to be a surrogate to help another family have a baby is a beautiful gift. You are helping the intended parents achieve something they are not able to do on their own.

While it would be difficult to put a price tag on what you help the intended parents accomplish, we offer a complete benefits package, including:

  • Compensation starting at a MINIMUM $30,000 (more based on previous experience, location, and other factors)
  • Maternity clothing allowance
  • Monthly allowance to cover day-to-day expenses related to your pregnancy
  • Coverage of medical and health insurance costs
  • Compensation for lost wages if you are working while pregnant
  • Psychological support
  • Life insurance
  • Attorney’s fees to represent your interests
  • Childcare and housekeeping allowances
  • Bonus payments at critical markers in the process including injection start and embryo transfer
  • Mileage compensation

We want to make sure that being a surrogate is a positive experience for you.

The overall value of the compensation package is typically well over $50,000!

Creating A Community

The compensation is just one reason to be a surrogate. When you become a surrogate, you become part of a community. You will have support from Surrogacy International, Inc., as well as from the intended parents during every stage of the process.

The surrogacy process typically takes about a year from beginning to end. During that time, the intended parents will want to hear from you about how you and the baby are doing. It will be a time where you are able to establish a bond as you all work to bring a new life into the world.

A Mom With A Team

We want you to have a personalized experience with Surrogacy International, Inc. We want you to feel supported and appreciated for the miracle you are helping the intended parents accomplish.

As you go through the process, there will always be someone available to answer questions as they come up. This is not a time when you want to feel like a number or like your questions will be brushed off and never answered. Being a surrogate with Surrogacy International, Inc., means that you will have access to the resources you need.

Ready to learn More?

There are many reasons for being a surrogate. In the end, many of the surrogates we have worked with agree that there is a unique joy in helping another family experience the miracle of having a baby. We would love to talk to you about being a surrogate with Surrogacy International, Inc. To learn more, call us at 805-697-7955 or contact us online.

– AG “Peace” (Surrogate)
“Surrogacy International made the process of applying quick and easy! Maile always returned my emails in a timely manner and had excellent communication every step of the way. I plan to do a sibling journey and look forward to working with the same agency again!”

– Surrogate, Texas (SK)

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