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What Surrogacy Is (And Isn’t)

Understanding The Right Decision

More and more couples are turning to surrogacy to be able to start a family. Still, there is a certain mystery behind what surrogacy is. While you may know that a surrogate can carry a baby for you, many details make surrogacy seem complicated. Understanding the basic ideas behind what surrogacy is (and is not) can help you decide if it is the right decision for starting your family.

Surrogacy Is…

• Surrogacy International, Inc., practices in gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the sperm and egg come either from the intended parents or the donor. The baby has no genetic relation to the surrogate. This makes the legal agreements between the intended parents and the surrogate a lot clearer since the law (especially in California) is more transparent on gestational surrogacy matters.

• A relationship. Intended parents and surrogates will be working together for a year or more, and building a relationship that requires a significant amount of trust for everyone involved. Depending on the relationship you form, you may choose to continue your relationship for years to come or simply appreciate the miracle you created in your time together.

• A legally binding agreement. One of the significant parts of creating a surrogacy relationship is negotiating the contract. This is important for both you, as an intended parent, and for the surrogate. This allows for both parties to understand the requirements and responsibilities beforehand. In the event there is a disagreement, this is the agreement you and the court would look to for guidance and protection.

Surrogacy Is Not…

• Surrogates are not volunteers. While surrogates choose to do a big job, they are not volunteers. They are paid for the time and effort they are putting into helping you have a baby. You will have a contract with the surrogate that explains what she will receive to compensate her.
• Surrogacy International, Inc., does not practice in traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s own eggs are fertilized, so the child is then genetically related to the surrogate. While some agencies use traditional surrogacy, a surrogate giving birth to a child that is related to her can create legal and emotional complications.

We Can Be Your Partner

Most of all, surrogacy is a partnership. You, your surrogate and Surrogacy International, Inc., will form a team to help you begin your family and realize a dream. You can contact our team online or by calling 805-697-7955. Whether you are in California or across the globe, we can help you start your family tree.

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