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No matter what has brought intended parents to Surrogacy International, Inc., they all have one dream in common. They all dream of the day their home is full of the cries and giggles that come with a new baby. Many of them watch friends and family members get pregnant and have children, and all our intended parents long for the same.

They also share the need for help in making their dream a reality. Whether the intended parent has struggled with infertility, is part of a same-sex relationship or has another reason for looking for a surrogate, they all have a dream that depends on you being willing to help them complete their family.

As a surrogate, you help another family experience a miracle that would be impossible without you. We offer a generous compensation package to show how much we appreciate the time and sacrifice you are willing to make by being a surrogate.

The reward for being a surrogate goes beyond the compensation package. As a surrogate, you will be part of the Surrogacy International, Inc., community. You will have resources and support throughout the entire process as well as the opportunity to build a relationship with a family that will be forever grateful for what you are doing for them.

Healthy Surrogate, Healthy Baby

It takes a special woman to be a surrogate. Surrogacy International, Inc., is interested in more than people who can get from the beginning to the end of a pregnancy. We want this to be a positive, healthy and safe experience for you.

We understand the physical and mental demand of carrying a child for someone else. As part of ensuring a healthy experience for you, we have a few requirements for future surrogates.

Take The Next Step

Considering being a surrogate comes with a lot of questions. As you think about this decision, we have some answers to the questions we get most often. To talk to someone from our knowledgeable staff, contact us online or call our office (Los Olivos) at 805-697-7955. We also work with surrogates from across the country.

“Being a surrogate for me is knowing I get to make other people’s dreams of having a family, come true. It’s the greatest feeling in the world knowing I’m a part of that. I ended up using SI because Maile was so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The staff at SI are so great, I feel like we are all family.”

– Surrogate, California (JB)

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