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The Surrogacy Process And Eligibility


Helping someone build a family is a beautiful gift. Often families turn to surrogacy after exhausting many of their other options. By choosing to help them through surrogacy, you can give them hope after a long, emotional path.

The surrogacy process is both simple and complex. While the pregnancy aspect is familiar, the road to getting there involves many important details. To be a surrogate, we have the following requirements:

  • Age 21-40
  • Non-smoker
  • United States citizen or permanent resident fluent in English
  • Successfully given birth to at least one child before
  • No previous pre-term deliveries (unless under special circumstances like twins).
  • No history of gestational diabetes or other possible pregnancy or delivery complications
  • Good health with no serious medical problems or condition
  • Complete a full medical exam including blood tests, a drug screening and other procedures/exams
  • Participate in psychological screenings and background checks

These qualifications allow us to ensure a safe and healthy experience for you, the baby and the intended parents. Being a surrogate is a demanding job. We want to make sure it is positive for everyone involved.

– JG with the Babies (Surrogate)


“When I made the decision to become a surrogate it wasn’t really a hard decision. I didn’t have any trouble during my first pregnancy with my daughter and actually enjoyed being pregnant. I wanted to help someone else become a mom and wanted to enjoy pregnancy one more time in my life. I ended up matching with a sweet couple who could not carry a baby and throughout our journey got to know them very well. They lived in another country so we would plan times to facetime and emailed each other frequently with updates and pictures. The hardest part of the whole pregnancy was the shots prior to getting pregnant and throughout the first trimester. Mine were twice a day and I had to take them at the same time every day. It was challenging for me because it was painful and I had to inject myself. I think this was the only negative aspect to being a surrogate.

I was lucky enough to not have any more major issues throughout the pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy everyone kept questioning me about how I would give up a child I had been carrying for 9 months inside of me. “Isn’t there an attachment to the baby? Wont you be depressed and sad?” The answer to those questions was simply no with a huge smile and sometimes tears in my eyes. I am not sure if there is a word to describe the feeling of how happy I was after making the intended parents, actual parents, especially the mom. I think I was actually high on happiness, if that can even happen! They were in the delivery room with me and to see the look on their faces when their son was born is indescribable, so much joy. This entire experience has actually made me love my daughter even more, which I didn’t know was possible. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to make these amazing people parents!” – 1st time Surrogate, California (AG)

The Path To Pregnancy

Although it may seem like there is a lot to take care of before getting pregnant, once the pregnancy is underway, being a surrogate gets much simpler.
Here is a glimpse into the journey to helping another family have a baby:

Even miracles need help: Once you decide to pursue being a surrogate, we will have a consultation with you to introduce you to the benefits of being a surrogate through Surrogacy International, Inc. We will help you through the application process and give you an overview of what will come next.

The perfect fit: We do not simply assign surrogates and intended parents. We want this to be a positive relationship for everyone since you will be partners in helping a miracle happen. During this phase, you will meet the intended parents and complete medical and psychological screenings to ensure a safe and healthy experience.

Hurry up and wait: After negotiating and signing an IVF agreement, you will start medications to help regulate your cycle to increase the chances of a successful embryo transfer. As you prepare for the next phase, there will be blood-work and monitoring.

Their pea, my pod: Once your body is ready and it is a good time in your cycle, you will complete the embryo transfer. Then, after about two weeks, you will do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. One to two weeks after that, the pregnancy will be further confirmed with an ultrasound.

There’s a bun in my oven: Once the pregnancy is well established (about 10-12 weeks), you will resume care with your regular OBGYN. In many ways, at this point, the pregnancy will continue as a normal pregnancy.

I make babies, what’s your superpower?: Before the baby is born, a Legal Parentage Judgement will be filed with the court. You have helped the intended parents fulfill a dream they have carried in their hearts for a long time.

Become Part Of A Miracle

When you decide to be a surrogate, you get to be an important part of helping another family have a baby. To learn more about being a surrogate with Surrogacy International, Inc., contact us online or call us at 805-697-7955.

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