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Reasons To Consider Using A Surrogate

Helping Your Journey

Intended parents come to us at different stages of their journey. For some, realizing that they need a surrogate to help them start a family is a ray of hope. Other parents know from the beginning that they will need the help of a surrogate. No matter where you are on your journey to starting a family, we can help you find the right direction.

Medical Conditions And Infertility

Dealing with a medical condition or infertility as a roadblock to starting a family can be heartbreaking. You may have gone through countless attempts and appointments trying to figure out what to do or how you will be able to realize your dream of starting a family. You may not even fully understand why you are not able to conceive naturally. We know, we have been there.

The surrogacy process can seem intimidating. Asking someone to carry a child for you is an intimate and emotional question. Rather than being able to experience it yourself, you are trusting another individual to help you realize a dream.

Surrogacy International, Inc., takes great care when matching surrogates with intended parents. You will have the opportunity to talk to your surrogate and get to know each other before you begin working together. As an intended parent, you will also have legal guidance and representation (the surrogate will, too) so that your interests are protected.

Same-Sex Couples

As a same-sex couple, you start your journey knowing that you are going to need help along the way. Just because you know what lies ahead does not mean that it is easy. Surrogacy International, Inc., helps same-sex couples through surrogacy so that they can experience the joy of bringing home their own miracle.
Surrogacy comes with a lot of questions that need answers. We will work alongside you the whole way so that you have the support you need as you develop a relationship with your surrogate and move forward through the process.

Single Parents

Through surrogacy, you are not limited to finding a partner to start a family.
We can join with you to help you start your family tree through surrogacy. Surrogacy International, Inc., understands that there are many different paths to becoming a parent. We want to provide the support you need to take the next step on your journey.

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Surrogacy International, Inc., specializes in personalized service for intended parents and surrogates. We want you to feel like you have all the resources you need to make an informed decision for a positive experience. We want to help you bring home your own miracle. To learn more about our services, contact us online or call 805-697-7955. We are located in California, but we work with clients worldwide.

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