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The Surrogacy Process For Intended Parents


The surrogacy process can seem like a very vulnerable waiting game for intended parents. You bring us your dream of starting a family and much of the process is waiting. The good news is that all of this waiting is helping you move closer to your goal of welcoming a new baby into your home.

While every surrogacy journey is unique, this is a brief overview of the steps you can expect in the process:

Matchmaker, make me a match: Surrogacy International, Inc., will facilitate a meeting with a potential surrogate. Depending on location and availability, you may meet in person, by phone or through Skype. You and the potential surrogate will have the opportunity to think about the meeting and any questions before deciding to move forward.

Cleared for take-off: We want to look out for the health and safety of everyone involved; including the future baby! The surrogate will go through medical and psychological screenings to make sure she is in a good position to be your surrogate.

Drafting a deal: It’s time to start drafting your IVF (Surrogacy) Agreement. You will need to retain your attorney at this time

Getting to “yes”: The surrogate and her attorney will review the agreement and make any requests she may have for modifications to the agreement. There may be some back-and-forth during this time, but the ultimate goal is to draft an agreement that is best for you and the surrogate.

Sign on the dotted line, please: Once everyone agrees on the contents of the IVF (Surrogacy) Agreement, it will be time to sign it in the presence of a notary. Once this is done, you and the surrogate can get started on the medical preparations for the embryo transfer.

Having started from a legal practice, we know that conflict often comes from a lack of communication and preparation. This may seem like a lengthy process, but it is to make sure that as much of the process is out in the open before both parties begin the process. Often, the surrogacy journey takes a year or more from start to finish. You will want to have a positive partnership with your surrogate that is established with clear expectations of both parties.

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We are not a large agency where our clients are treated like numbers. We offer a personalized experience for both our surrogates and for intended parents. Both you and your surrogate will have the resources you need through the whole process. To learn more about Surrogacy International, Inc., and the services we offer, contact us online or call 805-697-7955.

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