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All of us at Surrogacy International, Inc. have children and families of our own. We have all experienced or been profoundly affected by infertility and hope to make the next step in your family’s journey a positive and joyful experience.

Meet Robert

Robert Walmsley has been practicing family law for over 32 years. He has been committed to family formation and surrogacy and has been at the forefront of assisted reproductive law from its judicial roots in California. In 1987, Mr. Walmsley represented the intended parents in the first California surrogacy matter and in 1992, he argued the first California surrogacy case to reach the Supreme Court in the milestone case Johnson v. Calvert.

This case has served as the template for many decisions in other states and internationally. Mr. Walmsley continues to define and defend surrogacy law taking on even some of the most complex matters including the recent widely recognized decision of M.C. v. C.M. which upheld California’s statutory surrogacy laws in recognition of the parental rights of Intended Parents.

Meet Marlea

Marlea Jarrette is a family law attorney practicing for over 20 years. Having experienced her own difficult struggle with infertility, Attorney Jarrette decided to co-found Surrogacy International, Inc. with her husband and business partner, Attorney Robert Walmsley. She believes all Intended Parents should be able to have the family they so desire and hopes SI, Inc. can make that possible.

Meet Maile

Maile Maly is the director of Surrogacy International, Inc. and works closely with the Intended Parents and Surrogates from matching to birth. With a background in nursing, Maile works to seamlessly coordinate the medical, legal, and psychological aspects of the surrogacy process for everyone involved.

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